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Navigating The DLX Mattress Refund Process

Navigating the path to a refund doesn't need to be complicated. Here's what to do:

STEP 1 -- ALLOW TIME FOR ADJUSTMENT New experiences often take time to get used to. Give your DLX mattress 30 to 60 days to adjust to your needs. You'll find the mattress will relax over this period, and you'll become accustomed to its unique comfort levels.

STEP 2 -- CONNECT WITH OUR TEAM In many instances, comfort issues can be resolved with our expert guidance. We will converse with you to understand your current mattress experience, the comfort level you desire, and explore potential solutions.

STEP 3 -- INITIATE THE REFUND PROCESS If our proposed remedies fail to improve your comfort, we'll start the refund process. Although we can't take the mattress back, we suggest donating your DLX mattress to a charitable organization in need. This could be community service organizations, shelters, houses of worship, or any other entity that could use a good mattress.

STEP 4 -- DOCUMENT THE DONATION Before you donate, remember to cut the tags from your DLX mattress. Document the donation and send us proof along with the removed tags. Please note, certain organizations might require the law tag to be intact for accepting the donation.

Items required: • Documented proof of donation • The blue tag featuring the DLX logo • The white "law tag" on the mattress cover (head or foot of the bed).

STEP 5 -- RECEIVE THE REFUND Upon receiving your packet, we'll process a refund for the mattress cost (please note, the foundation cost isn't refundable if purchased).

STEP 6 -- REFUND CONFIRMATION Once approved, you'll receive an email confirming your refund. The returned funds may take 5–10 business days to appear in your account due to banking processes. If the refund isn't in your account after 10 days, contact us immediately, and we'll assist in resolving the issue.

Note: Refunds can appear as a reversal on your bank statement, eliminating the original payment without issuing a separate credit. We are here to help at any step of this process.