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Mattresses Made in New York
A Century-Old Legacy of American Excellence

By choosing not to outsource, we ensure quality, attention to detail, and a connection with the community that has been our home for generations. We're not just making mattresses; we're preserving a legacy and nurturing a tradition. When you choose DLX, you're choosing genuine American craftsmanship.

American Flag with Mattresses made in the USA logo

Top 10 Reasons
For Made in the USA

1. Support for Safe Working Conditions In many countries, labor standards permit unsafe work environments. By choosing made-in-the-USA products, you contribute to safe working conditions and uphold child labor laws.

2. Boosting the American Economy Jobs outsourced abroad rarely return. Purchasing American-made products aids in sustaining and growing our economy.

3. Environmental Responsibility US manufacturing often adheres to stricter environmental regulations compared to other nations. Buying American means supporting cleaner production processes.

4. Fair Wages and Labor Practices  Many countries lack minimum wage laws, leading to exploitation. American-made products ensure workers receive fair compensation.

5. Fostering American Independence  Relying less on foreign manufacturing strengthens America’s strategic independence and manufacturing capabilities.

6. Reducing Trade Deficit  Choosing domestic products can help reduce the massive US trade deficit and national borrowing, contributing to economic stability.

7. Upholding Product Safety Standards  American consumer protection laws and safety standards are among the strictest, ensuring the quality and safety of products like mattresses.

8. Promoting Fair Trade  Buying American rejects the exploitation prevalent in some foreign manufacturing, advocating for fair trade and ethical practices.

9. Political and Economic Stability  Supporting American manufacturing reduces dependence on countries with differing political and economic agendas, enhancing national security.

10. Securing Future Job Opportunities  By supporting US manufacturing, you help ensure the availability of relevant jobs for future generations.