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Do DLX mattresses work on an adjustable bed?

February 15, 2024 3 min read

Mattress with head and foot lifted on adjustable bed.

 Yes, DLX mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. However, it's essential to note that not all adjustable bases are created equal. Some may offer better functionality and features suited to your needs.

Does DLX Mattress Sell Adjustable Bases?

Yes, DLX does offer an adjustable bed option among many available in the market. You can explore more about this option here to determine if it aligns with your requirements.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Adjustable Base:

  1. Weight Capacity: Verify the weight capacity of the adjustable base's motors to ensure they can support the combined weight of users and the mattress without strain. Checking the weight capacity of the adjustable base is essential to prevent any issues with functionality or durability.
  2. Features: Adjustable bases come with a variety of features, ranging from USB ports and LED lights to remote functionality and even massage options. While these features enhance convenience and comfort, their importance is subjective and varies from one person to another. There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but it's worth considering what matters most to you in your sleep environment.
    • A Note on the Massage Feature: It's important to temper expectations when it comes to the massage function of adjustable bases. Unlike a full-fledged massage chair, the massage feature in most adjustable bases is more akin to a gentle vibration. It shouldn't be a make-or-break feature in your decision-making process.
    • The Convenience of Wireless Remotes: We recommend opting for an adjustable base with a wireless remote. The convenience of adjusting your bed's position without the hassle of cords or having to be in a specific spot cannot be overstated. It's a small feature that can significantly enhance your overall experience.
    1. Quality: Determining if an adjustable bed is good quality can be challenging, but generally, most reputable retailers sell reliable ones. However, it's best to avoid beds with wire grids supporting the mattress, like the one mentioned here. These wires or metal bars aren't great for long-term support as they can bend over time, leading to sagging or reduced support.
      The mentioned model clearly displays its wire or metal bar construction, but many others are covered in fabric, making it hard to know their internal structure without assembly instructions or checking the bed's weight. For optimal mattress support, regardless of the features, it's better to choose models with planks like particle board or plywood in non-bending areas. These materials provide better support and durability.
    2. Wall Hugger Feature: The wall hugger feature is a topic of debate, with varying opinions depending on who you ask. There's no clear right or wrong view here. A wall-hugger bed is an adjustable bed designed to minimize its space when upright. As you raise your head, the mattress moves back toward the wall. On the other hand, a non-wall-hugging base extends outward when raised. Some worry with non-wall-hugging bases that you might end up too far from your nightstand. However, in our experience, this concern is often exaggerated, only keeping you a few inches closer to the wall. Even with a wall-hugger base, some loss of bedside space is expected when the head is raised – it's just how the design works. To deal with this, some users adjust their nightstands slightly to ensure continued access to the bedside table. Ultimately, whether this feature is important depends on personal preference.

    Key Takeaway

    DLX hybrid mattresses are designed with versatility in mind, ensuring they work with adjustable bases. However, not all adjustable bases are created equal. The market offers a wide array of options, each with its unique set of features and specifications. By taking the time to assess your needs and preferences, you can find an adjustable base that not only complements your DLX mattress but also enhances your overall sleep experience. Remember, the best choice is one that aligns with your personal comfort and lifestyle needs.