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  • Our best-seller, a 14" mattress expertly tailored to suit most body types and sleep styles.
    • Superior Airflow
    • Enhanced Pressure Relief
    • Reduced Motion Transfer
    • Genuine Craftsmanship
    • Premium Materials.
    • 100-Night Trial: Try in the comfort of your home.
    • Made in New York: Made-to-order and shipped directly to your door.
    • Free Shipping: Ships with no-contact delivery at no extra cost.
    • Honest Lifetime Limited Warranty: Quality you can trust.
    • Adjustable Firmness: Easily the feel -- anytime.


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Experience the pinnacle of comfort and support with the Premier Hybrid, DLX's paramount mattress. Merging advanced materials and innovative design, this mattress provides the utmost in comfort and support.

The Premier Hybrid features an exclusive adjustable layer of FusionBalance Performance Foam, offering you a personalized sleep experience tailored to your preference of soft or medium firmness. With an ultra-resilient Advance Hybrid Technology Coil System and layers of meticulously chosen LoftAdapt Foam, it guarantees unparalleled pressure relief, motion isolation, and personalized support. With its exquisite Hyperflex Fabric top and a one-sided design, this mattress is not just a bed—it's your personal sleep sanctuary. Experience the pinnacle of DLX's legacy of excellence with the Premier Hybrid.

Discover the remarkable comfort and support of our Premier Hybrid Mattress, engineered with a one-sided design and an adjustable layer to cater to your unique sleep preferences.

  1. Luxurious Hyperflex Fabric: The journey to comfort begins with this soft, high-performance fabric offering an indulgent feel to your sleep experience.
  2. Airsoft Viscose Fiber: Just below, our plush fiber batting enhances breathability and infuses a layer of gentle softness.
  3. 3/4" LoftAdapt Foam (Density: 1.8 lbs.): Two layers of this conforming foam offer precise pressure relief, expertly adapting to your body's contours.
  4. 3" FusionBalance Performance Foam (Density: 2.4 lbs.): The core of the mattress houses this adjustable layer, offering soft or medium firmness for a tailored sleep comfort.
  5. 3/4" LinkBridge Transitional Foam (Density: 1.8 lbs.): This vital component is specially designed to bridge comfort and support, easing the transition from the foam layers to the resilient hybrid coils. It not only enhances the overall comfort but also contributes to a smooth, seamless feel throughout the mattress.
  6. 8" Advanced Hybrid Technology Coil System: This advanced innerspring layer offers unmatched support, reducing motion transfer and contributing to the mattress's longevity.
  7. 3/4" CoreFlex Support Foam (Density: 1.5 lbs): Offering stability and structural integrity, this layer forms the foundation of the sleep system.
  8. Airsoft Viscose Fiber: An additional layer of cushioning enhances the base, ensuring balanced airflow throughout.
  9. Support Fabric: Encasing the bottom of the construction, this durable fabric provides a sturdy base, completing the sleep system.

With this expertly designed combination of innovative materials, the Premier Hybrid Mattress delivers exceptional comfort and support, promising rejuvenating sleep night after night.

Find your personalized sleep comfort with the DLX Premier Hybrid Mattress, a one-sided design featuring a zipper that reveals an adjustable layer, allowing for customization of your mattress firmness.

Soft-Medium Option (4 Rating): This selection is ideal for sleepers who prefer a softer feel without compromising on support. It's plush yet resilient, providing a comforting give that ensures you wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Medium Option (6 Rating): This level offers a harmonious blend of support and comfort. If you're seeking a sleep surface that is neither overly soft nor extremely firm, this could be your perfect match.

The firmness ratings are on a scale of 1-10, where 10 represents the firmest possible option. Please remember that these ratings are subjective and comfort perception can differ among individuals. The Premier Hybrid allows you the freedom to choose a firmness level that caters to your unique sleep preferences.

We invite you to enjoy the unrivalled comfort of the Premier Hybrid Mattress with our 120 Night Risk-Free Trial. We kindly request you to use the mattress for at least 30 days, allowing your body sufficient time to adapt to the new sleeping environment. However, if you're not completely satisfied after this period, we're here to make things right. Our team is committed to assisting you to find a suitable solution that enhances your comfort, or if preferred, to process a full refund.

Moreover, your purchase comes with an Honest Lifetime Warranty. We stand firm on the durability and quality of our mattresses, and this warranty is our pledge to you. Our Lifetime Comfort Assurance is a testament to this commitment, ensuring your comfort for the life of the mattress. When you invest in the Premier Hybrid Mattress, you're investing in years of restful, worry-free sleep.

Once you place an order for a DLX mattress, we'll get straight to work. Typically, our mattresses are ready to ship within 7 to 14 days of order placement. You'll receive an order confirmation immediately upon purchase, followed by a shipment confirmation once your mattress leaves our Jamestown, NY facility. With trusted carriers like FedEx or UPS, your new DLX mattress is delivered right to your doorstep, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
It's awesome

The mattress is comfortable and looks great and that you are supporting an American company that's important. The fact that you can switch up the comfort level in the future is a nice feature to have.

We really love our Medium mattress

We sleep on our backs or sides weigh between 160-200 lbs and one of us has a sore lower back. We wanted a mattress that's supportive with good features and we're all about backing small family businesses. The DLX totally hit the mark. Comfy for me, supportive for him, and we're happy that we can just switch out the topper later and keep the same base and coils. The box it comes in is pretty big, like 3-4 feet tall, but it wasn't too hard for us to move together as a team. But man, once it's out of the box, it's heavy to shuffle around. We unboxed and slept on it the same day with no weird smells. I even rolled around on it to help it puff up quicker. We've had it since December, so almost 3 months now and looking forward to more comfy nights ahead.

This bed is amazing

My husband weighs around 205 lbs and I'm about 140. We chose the soft top layer and are so happy with it! We first bought a bed online from a different company, but it wasn't a good fit for us so we sent it back and picked this one. From the very first night, we loved sleeping on it especially because it has great edge support which is something our old mattress lacked. We've been using it for almost 100 days now and I like it more with each passing day. Plus, the customer service is very good. We scheduled a call and got to talk with one of the owners. I've shopped around a lot for beds in the past year and DLX stands out. Seriously give this company a shot. You won't regret it and they offer a completely risk-free trial.


Really happy with my premier hybrid mattress! It's so comfy that sometimes it's hard to get out of bed. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet :) I chose the medium firmness based on reviews. Some said it was firm, but I find it just right. If you want something really firm, the medium might not be for you.


We only had the DLX for a few months and so far so good. Comfortable for side, back, and stomach sleeping. Me and my wife are about 161 and 122 lbs. The medium firmness is spot on for us. Before this we tried an all foam one and it was wrecking our backs and never stopped stinking so it had to go. We really dig the replaceable pillow top too. Good for switching up firmness or when it wears out. Also hardly any smell when we cracked it open and it vanished quick.