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Recommendation icon for DLX customers.LET IT BREATHE
Let your new DLX mattress take its first breath, uncovered, for a few hours after unboxing.


Bed and clock icon representing 100-night trialEASE INTO IT
Help your mattress to adjust. Walk on it lightly or apply gentle pressure to make it more welcoming.


Bed and heart icon symbolizing sleep improvementPATIENCE IS KEY
Your body and mattress are on a journey to synchronization. Give it at least 30 nights of good sleep for that magical connection to happen.


Hand rating 5 stars for DLX reviewsTHE RIGHT COMPANIONS
Remember, your bedding plays a role too. Test different pillows and sheets if something feels off. Reach out for advice anytime!"


The Details: 100 Night Mattress Trial

Adjusting to a brand-new mattress can be a bit like breaking in a new pair of running shoes - it takes time. That's why we offer a 100 Night Sleep Trial with every DLX mattress purchase.

Just as studies show initial discomfort is common with a new mattress, we ask you to sleep on your DLX mattress for at least 30 nights, allowing your body to adjust to the new comfort. If after 30 nights you're not completely satisfied, we'll work closely with you to find the perfect sleep solution within the first 100 nights from your delivery date.

This offer is limited to one refund per household and must be exercised directly with DLX within 100 days from the delivery date. Please note, we cannot accept returns on stained, damaged, or unsanitary mattresses under the 100 Night Sleep Trial. For protection, we highly recommend using a waterproof mattress protector and retaining all original tags. Removal of law tags will void this trial.

Unfortunately, our 100 Night Sleep Trial does not extend to clearance items, floor models, pillows, mattress protectors, adjustable bases, furniture, other accessories, or special order sizes.

Making You Comfortable

While a quick lie-down in a store may give you a basic idea of a mattress's feel, it takes more than 15 minutes to determine the right firmness. Like a good friend, your DLX needs to get to know you. Give yourself 30 days to adjust. You may notice things you've not noticed before - that's normal. If after 30 days, you're still not finding comfort, contact us. We have a great track record of finding the perfect fix.

Checking the Support

What's underneath matters! Inadequate support may affect your mattress's performance. We can guide you in making simple modifications to ensure your bed is up to speed.

Patient is Key

Finding the right feel may be a process of trial and error. Whether it's changing your pillow, supporting your mattress properly, or finding the right sheets, patience is key in this journey.

The Essential Details

  • The 100 Night Sleep Trial gives you up to 100 days to decide if your DLX is right for you.
  • We encourage you to sleep on the mattress for 30 days before making any decisions.
  • If you request a refund after 30 days, we'll work with you to find a comfort solution. If we can't, we'll start the refund process.
  • We can't accept mattress returns or remove it from your home. If you request a refund, you'll need to remove all identifying labels from your DLX and show proof of donation to a charity.
  • Refunds will only be issued once we receive proof of donation and removal of the mattress from your home.
  • Shipping charges to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, including brokerage fees, duties, and taxes, are nonrefundable.
  • Your DLX mattress must have compatible support.
  • This 100% refund only applies to DLX Mattresses. It doesn't cover retired models, bed frames, or bedding.
  • The 100-night trial applies only to the original purchaser.
  • Factory Outlet Mattresses, sold as-is, aren't eligible for the 100-night trial.
  • Each household is eligible for one refund.
At DLX, our goal is your comfort. Let's find it together!

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