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Avoid Pitfalls in Your Mattress Search

February 04, 2019 2 min read

All products are made somewhere, whether we think about it or not. But when we’re looking for a product, we don’t think about walking straight into a factory.

When you shop for a mattress, you look for mattress stores — not mattress factories.

But why not? The price would certainly be better — and customers might even gain more control over the product.

The reason customers haven’t been able to buy directly from manufacturers is because wholesalers inserted themselves between the customer and the manufacturer to add an unnecessary step to the sale process.

In fact, these wholesalers can mark up mattresses by as much as 900 percent. And the market accommodates it — so customers rarely think to look elsewhere for a quality mattress. Instead, they pay premium prices for a mediocre mattress that just barely does the job.

This is the primary pitfall customers fall into when they’re looking for any product — especially mattresses.

They take the market for granted. For years, people have continued to pay high prices for mediocre or average mattresses from wholesalers who profit from the whole system.

You can avoid this pitfall, though. There is a way to get a high-quality mattress for a low price. Hint: It involves going straight to the mattress factory.

When looking for a mattress, all you need to do is contact the manufacturer directly, and sidestep the middleman.

A manufacturer has every reason to help customers get the best price and quality — because their own company name is on the line. The customer gets the best value — and if they need any specific replacement pieces or setup support, it’s a simple matter to ask the manufacturer for special requirements.

To avoid falling into pitfalls in your mattress shopping, dodge the middleman. At a company like DLX, you can buy directly from the manufacturer for the best price, and for convenient customer support and replacement parts.