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How to Find a Supportive Mattress

February 04, 2019 2 min read

When you’re on the market for a new supportive mattress, you probably think you know what you want. You probably have a preferred firmness. Maybe you’re trying to solve a problem, too — like back pain, or poor sleep quality.

You might think your sleep problems will be solved with a firmer mattress — or a mattress with your preferred level of firmness.

But the truth is, you won’t be able to fix your back problems or your sleep quality unless you find a supportive mattress — and supportive is not the same as firm.

What mattress companies often avoid telling customers is you’re not guaranteed a good night’s sleep just because your mattress is firm. Because a firm mattress is completely different from a supportive one.

A firm mattress has very little give, and feels harder — but that does not guarantee more back support. When someone buys a mattress for firmness alone, they might experience relief for a while, but then sink back into the same cycles of back pain and sleeplessness.

Pick a mattress with support to avoid these painful cycles. Look for mattresses proven help with spinal alignment. Foam mattresses provide the distribution of weight you need to truly support your back. Once you select a foam mattress as your base, you can select your desired firmness without worrying about whether or not your mattress will support your back.

If you have concerns about your back, then avoid spring mattresses. No matter how firm the top of a spring mattress feels, the hidden springs bend and warp. These won’t support your back in the long run.

Choosing a mattress proven to provide adequate support will improve your spinal alignment — and your sleep. And avoid confusing firmness with support! Foam mattresses like the ones at DLX provide the best support to help you sleep well and without back pain.