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Avoiding the “Good-Enough” Mattress Dealer

February 04, 2019 2 min read

If you’ve read our other blogs on how to find the best mattress, you’ll know about the scam of mattress hype, and the questionable motives of mattress wholesalers.

But other than wholesalers, there are a number of other mattress dealers that you need to watch out for when on the market for a new mattress. These are the “good-enough” mattress dealers: mattress companies who put all their energy behind creating hype for their mediocre mattress.

As we’ve covered before, the markup on mattresses can be steep. That leaves plenty of room for opportunists who want to build a business with the highest profit margin for the company — and the lowest value for the customer.

These mattress dealers aren’t necessarily malicious. But they can still cause harm.

Most of these “good-enough” dealers have no experience in the sleep or bedding industry. They have no idea about the nuances that go into a good night’s sleep.

So these dealers might try a product, decide it’s “good enough” — and proceed to sell it for premium prices.

They spend all the rest of their budget creating hype around a mediocre product — and all their customers lose sleep.

To avoid a good-enough dealer, look out for red flags. A bad dealer might be selling only one cure-all mattress. And most importantly, they might not have any experience in the sleep and bedding industry at all.

Instead of buying from these dealers, research your mattress company. Find out who runs the company, and see if they have any experience in the sleep and bedding industry.

Ideally, you can find a company to buy from that has had enough experience in the industry draw from a wealth of knowledge when it comes to your sleep experience.

Plenty mattress companies are run by those who know nothing about the sleep or bedding industry — but you won’t have to lose sleep over it. Choose an experienced company like DLX to get you the best quality and value for your mattress.