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How to Avoid the Hype on Your Mattress Search

February 04, 2019 2 min read

When you first enter the search market for a new mattress, you might notice something strange. Every mattress company promotes their mattress as the one and only mattress to solve every sleep problem — but often, these companies only sell one mattress.

They have plenty of convincing material to make you believe that their mattress is the one for you. But can one mattress be the solution to everyone’s problems?

The answer is simple: No. It’s impossible. Everyone’s sleep problems are unique.

Mattress companies that tout their single mattress as the only solution are interested only in selling one product at a premium price. This way, the cost of their inventory is kept low, while the customer pays a large sum for the hype. In this model, the customer gets the losing end of the deal. They pay more for a mediocre mattress and lose sleep (for more reasons than one).

You can avoid this pitfall easily, though. Do a little research into your mattress company before you buy.

And when you look into your mattress company, just don’t look exclusively at their testimonials.

Instead, look into a company’s background before you buy a mattress from them. See if you can find out a little bit about who runs the company, and ask yourself a few questions.

Are there real people selling you this mattress?

How long has this company been in business?

Where your mattress is being manufactured?

Can you tailor your mattress to suit your individual needs?

These questions help you determine if your mattress company is trustworthy — because if a company has been in business and is run by people you can find, you’re more likely to be able to hold them accountable. If you can determine that your mattress is distributed by a company you can trust, then you can rest assured you can judge the product based on the quality — not on the hype.

Then, you can find out how your mattress is being manufactured — and if it can be tailored to your specific needs. Because a great company will understand that your sleep needs are totally unique.

Doing your research will help you get a mattress known for its quality — not its hype. For more, look into a company like DLX. At DLX, you can look into the background of your direct mattress dealer, and find out more about the company and its manufacturing methods.