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How to Find the Perfect Layers for Your Mattress

February 04, 2019 2 min read

The key to a great night’s sleep is a perfectly layered mattress. We’ll show you how to find your perfectly layered mattress.

If you’re particular about your sleep you may already know this. Mattress toppers will probably be your first foray into layering. But as you look into finding the best night’s sleep you’ll find out there are plenty more ways to layer your mattress.

But the secret is, not all layered mattresses are alike. The best formula for a good night’s sleep is a three-layer mattress.

All the same, you’ll find companies selling two-layer mattresses on your search. Some companies sell two-layer mattresses that consist of a thicker layer on bottom, and another layer on top. Still, other companies sell one-layer mattresses that have varying textures on the top. Some just sell single-layer mattresses, claiming their innovative foam will produce the best night’s sleep.

But the truth is, these dual and single-layer mattresses have a shorter lifespan and lower sleep quality than a multi-layer mattress.

Instead, look for a mattress that follows the formula for better sleep. The ideal formula for a mattress requires a variety of layers with different levels of softness.

The most supportive layer goes on the bottom and serves as a foundation for the other layers. Then, each layer gets progressively softer — until the topper layer, which provides an added layer of firmness.

Most mattress companies provide information on the layer pattern of their mattresses. Avoid companies that sell one or two-layer mattresses.

When you do research on your mattress, be sure to determine that the mattress has three or more layers and that the softer layers are sandwiched between the firmer foundation and topper layers. For an example of this, look into DLX Mattresses. The layering formula they use ensures a better night’s sleep — and a longer-lasting mattress.