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The Answer to Great Sleep: a Flexible Mattress

February 04, 2019 2 min read

When you buy a mattress, you expect it to stay as-is. You buy the best mattress you can with the hope that it will last you for years.

That probably seems fine. It seems like there’s no option — you have to buy a mattress that suits your needs at the time of purchase, after all.

But in a few years, things might change. Your sleep needs will become different — they’re bound to. And then you’ll need a mattress with different firmness, or more support.

The right mattress can help you with all sorts of milestones. Injuries and kids — not to mention just plain aging — can change your sleep needs. But if your mattress stays as-is, you’ll have to toss it out and get a new one.

Enter the flexible mattress. A flexible mattress is changeable — so if you need something different out of your mattress, a flexible mattress accommodates it.

The best example of a flexible mattress is an unlaminated multi-layer foam mattress. An unlaminated mattress consists of a base layer, covered by layers which you can switch out. So if you find you need a different level of firmness a few years after you buy your mattress, you can change the top layer and voila — you’ve completely revived your sleep cycle.

When you look for a flexible mattress, buying direct from the manufacturer also allows you to get replacement layers that work better for you. The best example of this policy is DLX Mattress — they offer mattresses with multiple layers that can be switched or replaced, according to your needs.

Some other accommodations can be made to supplement changing sleep needs. Customers can purchase sleeping pads or other substitutes. Eventually, though, the burden of no sleep becomes too much, and the customer is forced to buy a new mattress.

Sidestep this problem: think ahead, and buy a flexible mattress. If your mattress comes unlaminated, there’s an opportunity to switch around layers to better suit your needs. For a great unlaminated mattress, look into DLX. DLX offers mattresses that are unlaminated so that you can adjust layers until you achieve the perfect sleep.