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What Does a Baseball Slugger and a DLX Mattress Have in Common? You'd Be Surprised!

July 05, 2023 2 min read

Luke Voit, the baseball sensation, recently broke the internet with his audacious 'suns out, guns out' look. Voit stepped onto the field in a sleeveless jersey, flexing his powerful arms and leaving everyone swooning, and, frankly, a little jealous.

But here's a fun twist! A few years back, Voit took to Instagram to shout out his love for his DLX Mattress, praising it as the most comfortable bed he's ever slept on. And that got us thinking. Is there a connection between a great night's sleep and the confidence to rock a sleeveless look on the field? We believe there is!

Inspired by Voit's boldness, we've rolled up our 'sleeves' at DLX Mattress to highlight some fun parallels between our innovative mattress designs and Luke's show-stopping fashion statement.

Batter Up: How Luke Voit's Sleeveless Look and DLX Mattress Connection Have Us All Dreaming

Just like Voit's arm-flexing and home-run slamming, we've left the conventional behind and decided to flex our own innovation muscle.

So, how exactly does a home run slugger's fashion choice connect with our mattresses? Let's break it down with some fun analogies!

Flexing Comfort: Like Voit's flexed biceps, our DLX Mattresses provide the strength and support you need for a restful sleep.

All-Season Ready: Voit's sleeveless jersey is perfect for those hot, sticky nights at the ballpark. Similarly, our DLX Mattresses offer cool, breathable comfort, no matter the weather.

No Restrictions: Going sleeveless means more freedom, and that's exactly what we aim for with our mattresses – unrestricted, toss-and-turn-free sleep.

Show-Stopping Appeal: Voit's eye-catching look had everyone talking. Our DLX Mattresses, with their high-quality materials and exquisite designs, have the same show-stopping effect in any bedroom.

Confidence Boost: A sleeveless jersey might not be for everyone, but for Voit, it was a bold and confident choice. That's the confidence we want to instill in our customers with every DLX Mattress purchase.

So, the next time you see Voit swinging for the fences with his 'guns' on show, remember that confidence, innovation, and a touch of audacity can make you a game-changer – be it on the baseball field or in the world of sleep.

Dream big, sleep better with DLX Mattress. Explore our innovative mattress collection now, and add a dash of 'Voit-confidence' to your sleep routine!