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Unpacking Tempur Sealy's First Quarter Performance in 2023

July 20, 2023 2 min read

Tempur Sealy International, a major player in the mattress industry, recently reported a slight decrease in sales for the first quarter of the year. Sales dropped by 2.5% to settle at $1.21 billion, mirroring the overall industry's struggle with sluggish consumer demand.

The company's net income didn't escape the downward trend either, plunging by 34.7% to $85.3 million, equating to 48 cents per share. However, despite the declines, Scott Thompson, the chair and CEO of the Lexington, Kentucky-based mattress giant, maintains an optimistic outlook. He sees the company's performance as being consistent with expectations and points out that Tempur Sealy is still ahead of the broader industry.

Thompson explained that the first quarter's performance demonstrated the strength of their leading business model in outshining the broader industry amidst challenging operational circumstances. He acknowledged that US industry conditions were less favourable than anticipated due to increased macroeconomic pressures, but the company's performance matched first-quarter expectations closely.

In terms of geographic performance, Tempur Sealy's net sales in North America dropped by 1.3% to $919.6 million, compared to the first quarter of the previous year. Sales through the wholesale channel saw a minor dip of 0.9% to $804.3 million, while the direct-to-consumer sales experienced a 4% decline, reaching $115.3 million. International net sales witnessed a more pronounced fall of 6.4% to $288.5 million, which the company attributed primarily to adverse foreign currency exchange rates.

Despite the challenging first quarter, Thompson remains hopeful about the second quarter, which concludes on June 30. He cites the positive response to their new product launches, encouraging order trends, and the full rotation of tough comparables from the previous year as the reasons behind his optimism.

However, the company's recent agreement to acquire Mattress Firm, the country's largest specialty mattress retailer, won't have an impact on the second quarter's sales. This cash and stock deal, estimated to be around $4 billion, is anticipated to close in the latter half of 2024.

Upon the deal's completion, Mattress Firm is set to operate as a separate business unit within Tempur Sealy. According to Thompson, the acquisition is in line with their strategy of acquiring firms that amplify their competitive edge, bring them closer to consumers, and stimulate continuous innovation. He perceives this amalgamation as an opportunity to complement Tempur Sealy’s extensive product development and manufacturing capabilities with vertically integrated retail. He expressed excitement at the prospect of formally uniting the two companies, which have both been dedicated to offering the finest sleep products for over 35 years.