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Verlo Mattress: Expanding Across America with 24 New Locations

December 01, 2023 2 min read

Modern concept for a Verlo Mattress store in an urban area, showcasing luxury mattresses and inviting customers for a premium shopping experience.


In the ever-evolving world of sleep comfort, Verlo Mattress is making significant strides, proving itself as a leader in providing luxurious yet affordable mattress solutions. With the announcement of 24 new locations nationwide, this burgeoning franchise is set to redefine the way Americans sleep.

Verlo Mattress: A Brief Overview

Founded with the commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Verlo Mattress has carved a niche in the mattress industry. Known for its customizable, luxury mattresses at an affordable price, Verlo stands out with its unique offering of locally crafted mattresses. This approach not only supports localeconomies but also ensures a high level of quality and customization for customers.

Nationwide Expansion: A Closer Look

The recent announcement of 24 new locations marks a significant phase in Verlo Mattress's expansion strategy. These development plans encompass a diverse range of geographical locations:

  • Denver and Phoenix are set to welcome six new stores each.
  • Dallas will see the introduction of five Verlo Mattress locations.
  • Houston is gearing up for three additional stores.
  • Boise, Idaho, and Raleigh, North Carolina, will each have two new locations.

This expansion reflects the brand's commitment to bringing its unique mattress solutions to a wider audience.

The Verlo Difference: Local Crafting and Customization

What sets Verlo apart in the competitive mattress market is its emphasis on local craftsmanship. According to Dirk Stallmann, president of Verlo Mattress, "Our goal is to provide the premier, affordable mattress service that can help provide every unique need with the importance of being locally crafted in the area.”

This local focus ensures that each mattress is not just a product but a personalized sleeping solution. Customers have the opportunity to see their mattresses being crafted, offering a level of engagement and assurance not commonly found in the industry.

The Lifetime Comfort Guarantee: A Verlo Signature

In addition to customization, Verlo Mattress stands by its Lifetime Comfort Guarantee. This unique offering allows customers to adjust the comfort of their mattress throughout its lifetime, ensuring long-term satisfaction and a perfect sleep experience.

Current Presence and Future Horizons

With 32 stores already established in six states, Verlo Mattress's expansion is part of a strategic growth trajectory. In 2023 alone, it has awarded territories in Charlotte, N.C.; Miami; Noblesville, Ind.; West Chicago; and Bentonville, Ark., demonstrating its aggressive and thoughtful expansion plans.

Verlo Mattress is not just expanding its store count; it's spreading a philosophy of personalized comfort and quality. As more Americans seek better sleep solutions, Verlo's approach of combining luxury, affordability, and customization is more relevant than ever. The new locations across the nation are not just stores; they are beacons of comfortable, restful nights and energized mornings. As Verlo Mattress continues to grow, it promises to be a name synonymous with the best in sleep comfort.