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Joe Megibow Takes the Helm as CEO of Casper.

January 19, 2024 2 min read

Landscape view of a high-end executive office overlooking a city skyline at dusk, symbolizing corporate leadership in the sleep brand industry.


New York's leading omnichannel sleep brand, Casper, has recently undergone a significant leadership transition, appointing Joe Megibow, a former executive of Purple Innovation, as its new CEO. This strategic move marks a new chapter for Casper, as Megibow brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the forefront of the mattress industry.

Joe Megibow's Industry Comeback

After a two-year hiatus, potentially due to a non-compete clause following his departure from Purple Innovation in December 2021, Megibow is making a much-anticipated return to the bedding business. His tenure as CEO of Bright Cellars, an online wine discovery and production platform, during this period, has added a diverse edge to his already impressive resume.

Transition of Leadership at Casper

Megibow is succeeding Emilie Arel, who has significantly contributed to Casper's growth since joining in 2019. Arel's leadership saw her transition from president and chief commercial officer to president and CEO in 2020. Her role in steering Casper through critical phases of development has set a strong foundation for Megibow to build upon.

Casper's Market Impact and Vision Under Megibow

Casper, known for revolutionizing the mattress industry, has been a pioneer in integrating consumer preferences and experiences into its sales approach. Megibow acknowledges Casper's role in rejuvenating a once stagnant market, highlighting the brand's success in connecting the joy of sleep with the process of purchasing a mattress. Under his leadership, Casper aims to simplify the consumer experience in an increasingly crowded online marketplace, focusing on trust, quality, and fair value.

Strategies for Growth and Profitability

Megibow's primary objective is to steer Casper towards profitability and healthy cash flow. His approach includes leveraging Casper's strong customer trust and brand recognition. The brand's recent acquisition by Durational in 2022 and strategic investments have positioned it for significant growth and financial stability. Megibow's experience with high-profile companies like American Eagle and Expedia adds confidence to his ability to achieve these financial goals.


Joe Megibow's appointment as CEO of Casper signals a promising future for the brand. His diverse experience and innovative vision are expected to drive Casper's growth, profitability, and continued industry leadership. With a solid foundation laid by Emilie Arel and strategic investments bolstering its resources, Casper is poised to redefine the sleep experience for consumers, further cementing its position as a leader in the mattress industry.