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Your Ultimate Guide to Mattress Manufacturers

July 18, 2023 4 min read

Discover the Landscape of Mattress Makers: From Small-Scale Artisans to Corporate Giants


In the grand landscape of the sleep industry, there are countless manufacturers tirelessly crafting our havens of rest, our sanctuaries of sleep – mattresses. From behemoth corporations dominating global markets to quaint, family-owned businesses passing on age-old techniques generation after generation, the spectrum of mattress manufacturers is diverse and colorful. In this intricate weave, an interesting pattern emerges: off-brand manufacturers are often the hidden stars, overshadowed by their bigger, more well-known competitors, yet outshining them in terms of quality and value. A deep dive into this realm, coupled with an understanding of the materials used and transparency of information provided by these brands, can open a treasure trove of value and savings for the discerning consumer.

A Look at the Broad Categories

Let's unravel the fabric of the mattress industry and take a closer look at the broad categories that these manufacturers fall into. Each category has its unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, painted by the values of the company, the knowledge and skills of its craftsmen, and the love and care that's sown into each mattress they create.

The National Manufacturers: Titans of the Trade

Sitting at one end of the spectrum are the national manufacturers, colossal entities crafting mattresses that furnish homes across the length and breadth of North America. Their products are dispersed through various distribution chains and, in many regions, these manufacturers, especially the ones belonging to the 'top 5' or the 'S' brands, appear to have a stranglehold on the market.

However, this perceived dominance is more a testament to their louder voices and bigger advertising budgets than an actual reflection of their product quality. The reality is that there are hidden gems tucked away in this segment, brands that offer excellent value, often even within these same chain stores. They may be harder to find, hidden behind the glitzy ads of their larger competitors, but the rewards of discovering these underdogs are substantial.

The Regional Manufacturers: Local Champions

These manufacturers are typically recognized within a specific region or a handful of states or provinces. Their presence is more pronounced in some areas and relatively unknown in others. The array of offerings within this category can be likened to a farmer's market - a blend of unique products crafted with local flavors.

Recognizing the better ones amongst these regional manufacturers can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack without the right knowledge or guidance. But once you know what to look for, once you can identify the markers of quality and value, the doors to an array of excellent choices swing open.

The Local Manufacturers: Unsung Heroes

Scattered across North America are hundreds of local manufacturers, many of whom remain obscure, hidden in the shadows of the towering advertising billboards of larger manufacturers and retailers. They are the underdogs, the quiet achievers of the mattress industry, often known only within a very limited local area.

The quality and value offered by these local manufacturers range widely, but the effort spent in uncovering these hidden treasures can be well worth it. They are often the ones crafting mattresses with a personal touch, mattresses that offer superior comfort and support without breaking the bank.

The Online Manufacturers: Pioneers of the Digital Frontier

With the dawn of the digital age, a new breed of manufacturers has emerged. These are the pioneers pushing the boundaries, specializing in online sales of high-quality 'do it yourself' mattresses. They might operate a few physical stores, but their true realm is the digital space, where they connect directly with consumers, bypassing the traditional retail channels.

Quality and value vary amongst these online manufacturers, but the best among them are truly disrupting the industry, crafting high-value mattresses that combine superior materials with innovative designs and delivering them directly to your doorstep.

Decoding the 'Off-Brand' Tag

All these categories of manufacturers, whether they are national, regional, local, or online, share one common trait - they are often labelled as 'off-brand' by the larger players in the industry. This term, though used derogatorily by their competitors, actually represents a badge of honor for these manufacturers.

Producing an 'off-brand' mattress is an achievement, a mark of courage in resisting the homogenization of the industry, a testament to their commitment to craft over commerce. In most cases, choosing an 'off-brand' mattress over a more well-known counterpart can lead to substantial savings without compromising on quality or comfort.

Deep Dive into the Mattress Industry

A closer look at the mattress industry reveals that there are over 300 mattress manufacturers in the United States alone. The manufacturing process varies widely amongst them, with some companies producing their own materials while others sourcing pre-fabricated materials to construct their mattresses.

Regardless of the processes they follow, the distinguishing features of these manufacturers lie in the materials they use, the quality of their construction, the length and efficiency of their supply chains, the profit margins at each stage, and most importantly, the values that they embody.

In the case of larger brands, these values often reflect corporate ideologies, while in smaller, privately-owned brands, they are a direct reflection of the personal values of the owners.

A Call to Action

We at DLX invite you to join us in this journey of discovery, to delve deeper into the world of mattresses, to look beyond the flashy advertisements and uncover the true champions of the industry.

We are here to help you connect with the 'mattress revolutionaries', the manufacturers who prioritize quality and value over profits, who are steadfastly resisting the commoditization of the industry, who are keeping alive the art and craft of mattress making.

So come, take the plunge, venture into the 'mattress underground', and discover a world of comfort, quality, and value that you never knew existed.